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Look of the day – Off the shoulder dress

One of the trends of summer 2017 is the off the shoulder neckline. This trend elevates the femininity of the look and guarantees a lot of style for women. The look of today fits exactly in this trend because it is composed of a single piece: the off the shoulder dress.

Look do dia - Vestido ombro a ombro

Off the shoulder neckline

As Summer Trend 2017 the clothes that value the feminine without exposing cleavage and leave the shoulders of outside will continue super present in the looks. Last summer the pieces wearing off the shoulder neckline resurfaced delicately and entered into fashionistas’ looks.

The neckline off the shoulder was a big success in the 70’s and some pieces in this style were even called “Carmen neckline”. The main characteristic of the piece is to let the shoulders show  without exposing cleavage. Thus, they become fresh and versatile pieces.

Look do dia - Vestido ombro a ombro Look do dia - Vestido ombro a ombro

Look do dia - Vestido ombro a ombro

I’m wearing

Sandal:  Mr. Cat

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