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Types of bodysuits and how to use them with elegance

It looks news, but the bodysuit is an old trend. Historically it emerged there in the 1970s and is thriving nowadays. Since its inception, the body suit has been present discreetly in every decade, whether on the beach or on the fashion weeks.

His revival in the fashion world came in last summer seasons, continued high in the winter and came me back for summer 2017.

This is a trend and will probably continue to be present in the coming seasons, I’ve put together a few options and bodysuits models. As a bonus some tips to use the bodysuits to valuing the female silhouette in an elegant and fashion way.

Types of Bodysuits

The bodysuits is a versatile clothing and has a wide variety of models, cutouts and fabric types. For summer, the models range in deep necklines, short sleeves, front lashings, shoulder-to-shoulder neckline, swimmer cutout among others. The most seen in fashion looks are the bodys with moorings or with deep cuts, evidencing the feminine silhouette.

Tipos de body e como usá-los com elegância

For those who love prints, there are body options that accompany the trend of summer 2017. One of them is the foliage print on light background or dark background. The pieces created with this stamp tend. This stamp is to value the elements of nature and fauna and flora and are ideas for light looks from day to day.

For those who identify with romantic pieces, lacy, embroidered and delicate pieces are great options for sophisticated looks.

How to Use Bodysuits

The bodysuits are present in various environments and occasions. Whether on the beach or in the pool to the basic day-to-day looks or sophisticated occasions. What allows the body suits to be so versatile is its variety of models, prints, fabrics and especially the stylish combinations that can arise.

The body suits can be worn with jeans, skirts and shorts in various fabrics. The body looks gorgeous when paired with a high waist piece.

Tipos de body e como usá-los com elegância

Tipos de body e como usá-los com elegância

Tipos de body e como usá-los com elegância

To choose the perfect bodysuit for you, worth thinking about something that makes you comfortable and value the strengths of the silhouette. The ideal bodysuit is one that balances and values the right parts of a woman’s body. Therefore, just like in all trends, the choice must be conscious, where the woman needs to know her body and balance the look.

The balance of the look can be made in the use of the third piece. Be it a coat, shirt, or cardigan. The third piece adds sophistication to the look and helps to value some points of the look like: lengthen the silhouette, disguise the belly, and so on.

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