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How to wear midi skirt on different occasions

The midi skirt has gained the taste of women for being a feminine and versatile piece. Learn how to combine midi skirt for different occasions

The midi length emerged in history around 1915, the time of World War I. With the husbands at war, women took the place of men in some jobs and this required a more practical dress, such as a skirt neither so long nor so short, so arose the beginning of the midi length. Coco Chanel soon incorporated the midi into her creations. After a disuse of 10 years, the New Look of Dior resurfaces with the midi in more glamorous productions, leaving the midi high again in the years 1947.

From time to time, here comes the midi skirts again in the fashion world. For the love of some and despair of others, midi skirts divide opinions and generate a lot of insecurity when composing a production, as they can fatten or flatten the silhouette. But it’s all about making the right combinations so any woman can feel good in a midi.

It’s been a while since the midi skirts try to make the Brazilian head. But now they’ve come to really stay. Currently, the midi skirts have won several versions to suit all tastes and occasions. They can be more tight, pleated, rounded, pencils and countless other options. A great composition will depend on the shirt, shoe and occasion.

In fact, another interesting attribute of the midi skirts is the versatility, which is perhaps why this new midi skirt fever has conquered the hearts of Brazilian women. They can be used on many occasions and they are very elegant: at work, in the ballad, cinema, meetings, in short, the list is long. What’s more, it combines with many styles, from the romantic Lady Like to the minimalist sober.

That is why you should not fear the midi skirts. Quite the opposite. Embedding this piece in the wardrobe is a sign of many cool looks, elegant and versatile. Want to know how? Today I will use a midi skirt for different occasions so you have the proof that yes, it is possible to do and happen with a midi in the body.

How to wear midi skirt to work

The midi skirts are perfect for going to work, especially when the outfit requires extra refinement, such as an important meeting or business lunch. The length of the skirt gives an air more serious, formal, and at the same time is feminine and so does not leave people with that look without salt. To make an incredible combination, you can bet on midi-style pencil skirts or even the slightly more snappy models along with a button-down shirt or blouse inside the skirt. To finish, do not forget to put on a scarpin, it looks incredible. One tip to help elongate the silhouette is to wear a nude scarpin.

How to wear midi skirt on different occasions

How to wear midi skirt for night look

For night look, abuse the colors, glitter and satin prints in the midi skirts. The more round midi can win the tule version to stay charming. Pencil models can earn lacy details to give sensuality. The production gets even more provocative with top cropped. Tights with generous necklines and necklines are also great options, as the midi skirt length gives the freedom to dare with the necklines without leaving the vulgar production. Bet on the high heels. If you are short, you can choose a sandal with straps, it needs to leave enough of the sample to stretch the silhouette.

How to wear midi skirt on different occasions

How to wear midi skirt for walking

Finding friends for coffee, taking a stroll through the mall or through the city streets can be a great opportunity to wear your midi skirt. For a more informal look, choose to wear t-shirts, a sweater and a denim or leather jacket. For your greater comfort, you can opt for an anabela or oxford shoe, also looks great. With warmer days, midi skirts get slit versions, which can be on the sides or in the middle, to leave the body more to the sample.

How to wear midi skirt on different occasions

The midi are so versatile it even gives you a bike ride with a T-shirt and sneaker (since combination midi pencil skirt and sneaker is super high).


One look that is the summer face is the combination midi skirt + blouse shoulder-to-shoulder + open sandal. Depending on the type of your silhouette,

How to wear midi skirt on different occasions

Speaking of blouse shoulder to shoulder, this model has been used with pencil skirts and ruffles on the barred. But be careful not to flatten the silhouette with the look. Look for use with a high heel shoe to lengthen, can be scarpin or strappy sandals.

How to wear midi skirt on different occasions

Productions with a midi skirt and denim shirt are great for casual outings such as going to the movies or the park. The sneaker makes production super-comfortable, but look for nude models to help stretch the silhouette if you feel insecure about using that combination.

How to wear midi skirt on different occasions


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