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Shoulder Launches Winter 2017 – Collective Experiences

More than new habits, the technological revolution has brought a new way of living in society, in a true two-way street. On the one hand, the advances and the surprising speed accompanied by the easy access to the inexhaustible web world; On the other hand, the slow fashion, the appreciation of the handmade and the culture of sharing escaping from social networks to real life. Likes, shares and clouds coexist with corworkings, collaborative economics and sustainable initiatives.

Winter 2017 by Shoulder

This is the scenario that inspires the Winter Shoulder 2017 – Collective Experiences. Shared movements are explored as the guiding thread of contemporary consumer behavior and translated by the brand into four themes from a collection full of meaning, rich in textures, details and prints.

State of Spirit Theme

In the State of Spirit theme, the brand celebrates the new limits – or their absence – on issues such as age, gender and identity. The detachment of patterns highlights the individual essence in real intergenerational connections. In a second moment, the spiritual force dominates the subject, emphasizing connections between body and soul necessary for the survival in a world in constant transformation.

Here, the collection highlights oriental references in prints and specific shapes, proposing an irresistible blend of handcrafted details with more graphic and clean lines. The theme also brings more mystical points, especially in the prints of cashmere and stars, when bohemian forms find a minimalist tailoring. There are also simple motifs, like poins and flowers, contrasting with modern options in chess and stripes.

Shoulder lança Inverno 2017

Shoulder lança Inverno 2017

Non-Fast Future Theme

In the Non-Fast Future, creative thinking gains space, in a context of silence, free time and calm – so rare today. Nature is the escape valve of daily chaos, giving the collection irresistible motifs of foliage and textures illuminated by metallic beads and shapes clean.

At this point, the cherry is the highlight of the color chart, with ocher accents and mustard in the print that reveals the unobtrusive charm of the ethnic, with Navarrese essence and sophisticated and versatile tribal inspiration. The palette also features neutral options and variations of animal print – an indispensable classic in any season. Thus, the Shoulder surprises with feminine items of strategic cuts, marked waistlines and wide skirts. The mood sporty reads charming under lounge pants and blazers in comfort fabrics.

Shoulder lança Inverno 2017

Shoulder lança Inverno 2017

Shoulder lança Inverno 2017

Memories Theme

On the contrary, the excess of information makes digital amnesia a common symptom that gives new status to memories: the past becomes a precious source of inspiration. Memories that build rescues, thus, the stamping inspired by styles like Art Deco and Art Nouveau, with ample color chart where pumpkin and green bottle stand out. The midi and long lengths gain strength, in looser and lighter shapes.

Floral liberty and patchworks symbolize the most adorable vintage references in compositions updated to the current fashion. Mix of prints and graphic designs coexist with 70’s tailoring and handmade, in an unusual and exciting combination. Here, the brand brings high collars, straight modeling and more fitting parts to the body.

Shoulder lança Inverno 2017

Share theme

Finally, the Share theme extols the most genuine group experiences, when happiness dispenses with solitude. Outdoor days and collaborative projects inspire full contrasts of personality – delicate pieces with heavier overlays, maxi with miniflorals. The warm colors dominate some vectorized and geometric motifs and, in this way, clean shapes promote the stamping of the protagonist of the looks. The season also balances the sporty and feminine in fluted ribbons and well-marked stripes. Thus, the Shoulder draws a winter dipped in the current zeitgeist, without leaving aside the characteristic sophistication of its collections.

Shoulder lança Inverno 2017

Shoulder lança Inverno 2017

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