a small timeline of a great journey of experiences

February 2019

UX/UI Designer and Front-End Developer

UX/UI web design front-end
November 2017
Master Degree

Master in Technology and Innovation at Faculdade de Tecnologia da Universidade de Campinas

Thesis: Continuous assessment of accessibility to support the evolution of websites

October 2017

Front-End Developer

Performance in national and international projects and marketing initiatives and knowledge transmission to the community

angular angularjs javascript css front-end
February 2016 to 2017

Assistant Professor

Development of theoretical and practical classes in the following disciplines: Digital Games for Web, Graduation Project. Orientation of monographs / thesis.

html5 css javascript UX/UI
December 2014
Post Graduation

Higher Education at UNIMEP

Thesis: Accessibility in Higher Education

July 2012

with the smartest boy in the world

December 2011

System Analysis and Information Technology at FATEC

Thesis: HTML 5 Game Development

Presentation: HTML 5

October 2008

Full-Stack Developer

DDevelopment of innovation projects, from the requirements analysis phase, prototyping solutions to the phase of modeling and development of the system and database

innovation UX/UI visual design javascript front-end
January 2007
Trainee at USP University

Hello, adult life

January 2006
First IT Course

Programing language like C, PHP, Database like MySQL and SQL Server

July 2005
First computer

Dig into Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS, build my first web sites and blogs

February 1990
Hello, World!

I was born in Brazil, in a small city of Parana State


I dream

My long run goal is to contribute to solve real-world problems with accessibility and great experiences. I strive to become a part of world technological transformations with good ideas and innovation.

I explore

Exploring the world living the unique places like a source of inspiration. I dig into fashion design and watercolor painting. I love create, concept and sewing clothes

I work

Building the best experience to transform problems in smart and accessible solution for all people

About Me

UX/UI Designer and web accessibility specialist, lead innovation projects and participation in inhouse training and learning sessions. Strong business development professional skilled in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Agile.

Front-End 90%
Designer 85%
UX/UI 75%
Agile 90%


Aline was my thesis orientation and her help was essential for a conclusion of my course. During the course of my work, you can participate in various ways, demonstrate a little experience and have a good knowledge throughout the work. Whenever it is a professional and committed initiative

Aline has always been an extremely competent and hardworking person. He was always open to answering and helping with doubts, searching for answers, searching for the best solutions. She was one of the best teachers I had and whose content was extremely relevant and well-crafted.

Aline was a great student, very helpful, very creative and intelligent. I hired it to do the design and implementation of my website and it was excellent. I recommend Aline without restrictions.

Extremely dedicated and organized, it charges itself and others involved in a healthy way.

Aline is an excellent professional who keeps the focus on the development of companies, such as the technology market, not as educational companies, as a company and its employees. I work with her and I know where they are coming to more and more a fact.




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