Jovem Carreira 3.0

Early in the beginning of the year 2019 the project called “Jovem Carreira” had its third edition happening at IBM Brazil. The “Jovem Carreira” is a social project created and developed by Wander Batista and Fabiana Lima. The project aims to help seniors in public schools explore careers and professionals within companies.

The young students at Manoel Ignácio School and IBM professionals allowed the sharing of experiences to prepare future professionals and even help them choose a career to enter the job market. The themes and areas addressed in the third edition were:

  • Leadership and Career by Gabriela Linhares
  • Programming by Guillaume Oka
  • Career Change by Ana Ferreira
  • Design by Aline Bossi 
  • HR by Pedro Albuquerque
  • Diversity by Eduardo Souza and his team!

I presented about Design and Front-End, I talked about the importance of Design in all areas of development and I shared a bit about the process of creating a solution, from the initial contact with the customer to the show case of the solution and prototype.

After the presentations, some students gave feedback about the event.

“Cool, I’ve identified myself with programming. Hire me <3”
“I liked everything, I hope to one day be part of this team”
“Very good! It helped me make a decision for my future”

I really enjoyed participating in this project because I was able to share my experiences with many students who are in the phase of great decisions in their professional lives.

Presentation available Here!

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